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Duck Hunting and Goose Shooting


Of all shooting sports, wildfowling is the most arduous, the most romantic and the loneliest. It is also the branch of shooting in which the newcomer has most to learn - in terms of safety, quarry identification, marshcraft and ethics.



This website has been designed to help wildfowlers to find information that will be helpful to them as they pursue wild fowl in wild places.





Sources of Information

This website has, itself, a huge amount of information which will be essential to the wildfowler or waterfowler

  • Information Page
  • Wildfowling Magazine
  • Links to other sites


You can access most of those sections from the menu bar at the top of the page.




Information Page

The Information Page contains details of the quarry species and shooting seasons that apply in Britain.


Wildfowling Magazine

The magazine is only available online. It is updated three or four times each year and all previous issues can be accessed from the magazine front page.


Links to other websites


Our Links page contains hyperlinks to many websites of interest to the wildfowler, including the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), wildfowling clubs, etc.






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